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Choose a Safer & Better NDIS Therapy Support for Disabled People

NDIS Therapy Support Melbourne – Improve your daily living by occupational therapy & physiotherapy

Therapy is required by many in Melbourne. Many in Sunshine and Deer Park have turned to Anytime Care to seek therapy as per their needs under NDIS. But are you sure that you are getting the best therapy and therapist? Well, there are certain factors that one must keep in mind while opting for their NDIS therapy support. Though the agency and NDIS itself will be able to help you in determining what is best for you, with these tips, you are guaranteed to get the best support and make the most of your NDIS therapy support. 

Registered Therapists

It is especially important that you get a therapist who is qualified to serve you. Under the NDIS therapy support, you will be able to find a wide range of therapists who will be able to help you with many different issues.

NDIS Therapy Support – Anytime Care

But what you need to be careful about is to ensure that the therapists you are getting certified and qualified in their field of expertise. Like any other group of health professionals, therapists in Australia must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The easiest way for you to ensure this is by checking your therapist’s registration by logging on to

Cost Factor
Good therapy is not cheap. Like in any profession, the ones who provide top-of the-line therapeutic supports for adults charge an exceedingly high amount based on their qualifications and experience. But if you are an NDIS participant, then you will be glad to know that you will not have to deal with these high prices. There are two primary reasons for it. First, you are going to be funded through the NDIS therapy support schemes as per your eligibility and second; all therapy under NDIS comes at affordable and sustainable fees. This proves to be extremely beneficial for people who need a long-term NDIS therapy assistant to take care of their issues. Every state in Australia has a different rate for therapy support. So, familiarize yourself with the NDIS price guide for your home state to be aware of the prescribed rates that a provider can charge a participant.

Experience of the Therapist
Though the qualification and registration of a therapist is a must, what matters the most is their experience.  Usually, the best therapists are the ones who have high levels of psychoanalytic skills. They are constantly undergoing professional development to keep pace with the best and latest in their field of practice. But here again, you do not have to worry as NDIS therapy support only has therapists with extensive experience of at least 5-10 years. An agency like Anytime Care will also ensure that the NDIS therapy assistant assigned to you can deal with your situation. NDIS provides therapists for assessment, training, capacity building, developing skills, independence, and community participation.

Right Therapy Goals
No therapy goes on for a lifetime. The most basic aim of any therapy is to achieve a certain objective as far as the patient’s wellbeing is concerned. It is for this reason that NDIS therapy support focuses on a goals-based program. A good therapist will always ensure that they meet their client’s needs and requirements appropriately. It is for this reason that they set certain targets. Under NDIS, your NDIS service provider will help you set these goals and will also chart a course to help you know about the progress that is being made. There are other objectives that you can set for your NDIS therapy. They can be in the form of the number of days of therapy that you need, the duration of each session, how and what you want to go about those sessions, etc. You will also have the option of choosing an at-home therapist for your treatment.

Get in Touch With Us

Anytime Care has been providing therapeutic support for adults in Melbourne and is known to have the best NDIS therapy support. If you are in Sunshine or Deer Park, then visit or call on 03 9454 9930 to know more.


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